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Top Insider Transactions for 7/13/2011

Insider Transactions – July 13, 2011

Notable Insider Buys:

1. Blyth, Inc. (BTH): $52.5

Chairman of the Board and CEO Robert B. Goergen acquired 400,000 shares of this home fragrance and home décor company, paying $52.29 per share for a total amount of $20.9 million. Mr. Goergen increased his stake by 19.51% to 2,450,475 shares with this purchase.

This purchase showed up just minutes after the market closed and the size of the purchase caught my attention. There was nothing in the filing to indicate this was anything other than a direct purchase.

The stock has had quite ...

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  1. Is there a fee for your service? I like the idea of the insiders buying their firm’s stock beacause it shows confidence on their part. pleas reply to;

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    Roger Walker

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